Trakošćan is a medieval castle in Croatian region called Hrvatsko Zagorje, and it was built in the late 13th century as a part of defense network of the Zagorje principality. The owners of this beautiful place changed often in the first centuries of Trakošćan existence, but afterwards for almost 400 years it was the property of the Croatian aristocratic family – Drašković.  From the second half of the sixteenth to the twentieth century the Drašković dynasty was one of the most prominent and richest family in the Croatian Zagorje.

Today, the castle and its surroundings are like something from fairy-tale where you can take long romantic walks by the lake and small bridges. It is also possible to take paddle boats, a carriage ride or historical walk in the castle’s museum. Even though the work on the museum inventory has not been completed yet, worth mentioning is the knights’ room, the hunting room, the music salon and the study of painter Julijana Erdödy and her collection of paintings. The museum possesses very interesting arms collection with various samples of swords and firearms dating from 15-19th century.

The castle is currently owned by the Republic of Croatia.

It’s a perfect one –day getaway less than an hour drive from Zagreb or Ljubljana, Slovenia. For those who would like to stay overnight, unlike some other castles in Croatia, Trakošćan castle doesn’t provide hotel services but there is a hotel nearby.


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