Vis is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia’s South Dalmatia region with many caves and rocks, beautiful sand and pebble beaches, the turquoise Adriatic Sea and fantastic Dalmatian cuisine and wine. Here is a list of hidden beaches you shouldn’t miss when traveling to Vis. 

 1. Stiniva

Stiniva is very notable for the powerful influence the sea has had on the rocky shoreline. Stiniva bay was declared a protected area in 1967 and it is hard to reach by foot. It takes 15-20 minutes to get down to the bay over the rocky path. If going by foot be prepared to wear comfortable sneakers, and definitely avoid flip-flops. There is a sign on the top that venturing down the path is on your own risk. A better option to reach the bay is by boat. There are many tourist agencies that offer boat tours around the island and Stiniva is one of the stops. If you have your own boat even better.

2. Grandovac

Grandovac is located in the bay in front of the eastern entrance to the port of Vis. In Grandovac there is a beach bar where you can party all night long on Friday’s nights. If you’re chasing magnificent sunrise Grandovac is the place for you. In the mornings – the rose coloured sun cascades its light onto the blue sea and it is an amazing view to behold.

3. Stončica

Stončica is the most beautiful sand beach in Vis. On the beach you can have a drink at the beach bar or eat something in the restaurant. The restaurant is not one of the best in Vis, so if you’re not that hungry rather eat later in one of many tasteful restaurants in Komiža or Vis.

4. Rukavac

Rukavac is a small village on the south side of the island Vis. If you’re adventurous and want to experience rocky beaches, this is a place for you. While sunbathing on the rocks you can take in a beautiful view of the crystal turquoise sea and the smaller islands. From Rukavac you can take a tour to the Green Cave, found at the island Ravnik.

5. Milna

Milna is a village and bay with a beautiful sandy beach near Rukavac. It’s possible to rent an apartment there with a view of breath-taking colours of the sea.

6. Gusarica

Gusarica is a pebble beach located in the town Komiža. What makes the beach interesting is a 16th century church situated right on the beach. It’s a really unique sight.

7. Srebrna

Srebrna is located near the village of Rukavac. It is beautiful beach, with unusually large pebbles and a favourite choice for families with young children and lone travellers alike because the local pine forest there offers so much needed shade.


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