Biševo is a small Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, situated 5km south-west from the island of Vis. What makes Biševo recognisable is the island’s cliffs and caves, the most familiar being the Blue Cave, its untouched nature and its hidden bays and beautiful sand beaches. It is paradise for sailors and all nature lovers alike. 

Biševo is an island with only 15 inhabitants, several houses, a few restaurants and a church which dates back to the 16th century. It’s a really small island and it’s possible to walk it in for a few kilometres. What brings tourists from around the world to visit Biševo is definitely its magnificent Blue Cave. Even though the Blue Cave was known to Croatians for centuries it was not possible to enter the cave without having to dive until 19th century. In 1884 a small entrance was blasted out with dynamite by the Austrian Baron Eugen Ransonnet. After he published an article about magical beauty of the Blue Cave, in 1885 one hundred members of Vienna Tourist Society came to Komiža in Vis to see the magnificent blue colours that sun produces inside the cave. That year signified the beginning of tourism to the sleepy island of Vis.

How to get and what to do in Biševo? If you want to visit the Blue Cave, you need to go to the bay of Mezuporat. From there you can buy a ticket for a small boat that will take you to the Blue Cave. It costs around €7. The cave is quite small so you’ll probably stay inside for only 10 minutes. Unfortunately, swimming in the cave is not allowed. As it’s a really popular natural site to visit you may need to prepare to queue to get the small boats.

If you’re sailing down the Croatian coast, Biševo is a perfect place to explore for its bays and beautiful sand beaches. If you’re not that lucky, there are plenty of agencies that offer a one day trip to visit the Blue Cave from Vis, Brač, Hvar, Split and even Murter. We took a speed boat from the island of Vis and payed for a longer tour. The tour included a visit to the Blue Cave and a few hours of relaxation on the beautiful sandy beach of Porat. In Porat there is also a pretty amazing view from the top of the hill there. If you’re hungry there are two restaurants where you can have a drink and taste the freshest seafood.

If you really want to enjoy your privacy and move away from the crowd, go to the hidden beach of Salbunara, only 10 minutes walk from Porat. Salbunara is a smaller sandy beach with only a few local people. It’s the perfect place to relax, sunbath and read a book in a shade.

The island of Biševo is not only famous for its Blue Cave. If you’re looking for a perfect beach with a lot of sun, untouched nature and to get away from the crowd, then Biševo is the paradise you’ve been looking for.


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